Selma residents should look over code before June 30

Published 6:21 pm Tuesday, June 24, 2014

There are eyesores all over Selma. Dilapidated, burned and abandoned houses adorn street corners all over town. Trash can be seen on streets, and weeds are thriving in a place that lacks proud homeowners and strong code enforcement.

The city will host a code enforcement meeting June 30, in which citizens can voice their concerns about what is being done — or not done — to keep Selma beautiful.

Not only hould every person who lives in Selma try their best to attend this meeting, but residents should read up on the codes being enforced beforehand.

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This meeting is a chance to have productive conversations about keeping Selma as visually pleasing as possible. For these conversations to be productive, those in attendence need to be as prepared as city officials will be, so as to avoid wasting everyone’s time with simple questions.

If you can attend this meeting, you should — just do your homework before you go.