Selma Police Department officers deserve praise for training and willingness to serve

Published 4:34 pm Thursday, June 12, 2014

When law enforcement officers don their uniforms each day, they have no idea what challenges they may face. What they do know is their training and preparation for those difficult situations.

Last June, three Selma Police Department officers responded to a call after a woman attempted suicide by jumping into the Alabama River.

Without hesitation, the officers retrieved the woman and did what was necessary to save a life.

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The three officers were presented with an Award of Merit for their efforts, and the honor is well-deserved.

The events of last June came as a surprise to all of us. While most of us would have been unprepared, paralyzed by fear, three brave individuals stepped up and took action.

All three of the officers involved in that stressful, dangerous situation deserve the gratitude and praise of all Selma residents.

To Sgt. Evelyn Ghant, Lt. Curtis Muhannad and officer Harry Tubbs, congratulations, and thank you.

Your rigorous training and preparation sets you apart and makes you the best people for the job of keeping the people of Selma safe.

We don’t know what dangers may lie around the corner, but we can all trust in our local law enforcement officials to be ready for any challenge.

Time and time again, our police officers deal with some of the most difficult challenges a person can face. They do so with poise and determination.

An Award of Merit is no small honor, but it pales in comparison to saving a human life.

The heroics demonstrated by these three officers show how much training and preparation our law enforcement personnel possess.

While we are all grateful for Ghant, Muhannad and Tubbs responding to that June 2013 call, we should all trust that any SPD officer can handle tough circumstances effectively.