Poll workers important in election process

Published 9:34 pm Wednesday, June 4, 2014

There are just some things in life that could be considered “thankless jobs.”

Those who run the garbage routes each week rarely receive a thank you card from a customer. Those who take the time to ensure street lights are working and those who ensure downed power lines are repaired in the middle of the night in a driving rainstorm.

One such group was out in force Tuesday as more than 11,000 registered voters headed to the polls in Dallas County.

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From long before the polls opened at 7 p.m. to late Tuesday night, poll workers stood guard and facilitated an event that is at the very heart of our representative democracy.

Yes, they receive payment for their day of work, but it is far less than the value of their work.

For the 12 hours polling places are opened, these community-minded champions work to ensure each voter is registered, each voter is properly signed in and receives the proper ballot and helps with any questions and problems. It is far too often a thankless jobs.

During the day they are the face of the electoral process. While the majority of voters do not have a problem in the voting process, there are those rare exceptions that challenges the best of a poll worker’s customer service skills and patience.

After the polls close, the job is far from over. Following a set of procedures laid out, the poll workers carefully close down each polling place, seal up boxes and then hand deliver ballots to the courthouse where they are recorded.

In most cases, the poll workers who staff our polls have done so for years and bring with them a level of experience no single poll worker school could ever provide.

Our way of life in America is blessed by the type of government developed and grown since our independence from Great Britain. And, ensuring that way of life and ensuring our country’s future is the power of the vote.

Thankfully, we have a great group of neighbors ready to man the polls when needed.