Summer should be enjoyed

Published 8:12 pm Saturday, May 31, 2014

Winter weather is long gone and soon the oppressively hot, southern summers will sweep over the Selma area.

The first day of summer is June 21. With a little less than one month until the summer solstice, here is a comprehensive list of all the things high school students should complete before cold weather returns.

First and foremost, sleep past noon. It’s a magical experience. You’ve spent months waking up early for school and listening to less-than-interesting teachers. There’s probably something more productive you could do instead of sleeping, but who cares, it’s summer and you don’t really have to do anything.

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Second, go outside. Sure, it’s going to be hot. The humidity will be so high that walking outside will feel like you just stepped into a sauna. But getting a little physical exercise is important. The heat might even burn off a few calories. Video games and TV are certainly enticing, but Dallas County is a land of wide-open spaces. Selma has several different parks — many with basketball courts. Seriously, instead of eating another piece of fried chicken and playing your new Xbox One, go outside.

Make sure to post a selfie on Instagram before going back inside. It imperative that you show friends your physically active lifestyle.

After you’ve spent hours outside —for the less physically active it’ll probably be a few minutes — go to the couch and lay down. You’ve earned it. You braved the summer heat, even if only for a few minutes. It’s time to do absolutely nothing for a few hours.

Next take a minute and browse through the contents of your fridge. Sure, you’re refrigerating the entire house, but the cold air feels good and that full container of ice cream looks equally enticing. You’ll regret it later, when your new skinny jeans don’t fit, but for now, it’s the best tasting thing you’ve ever had.

Next, apply for a job. It’s a lot more productive than sitting on the couch all day.

I’d also recommend attending a public meeting.

Your parents will be proud of you for being informed.

Finally, I’d recommend visiting some of Selma’s historic landmarks. There’s dozens of them. Perhaps a few were in high school history books, but seeing them in person is more fun. Regardless of how you spend the summer months, take some time to learn about where you live and go outside at least an hour per day. Take advantage of the warm weather. Sooner than you think winter will return.