No endorsement offered in senate race

Published 8:11 pm Saturday, May 31, 2014

The 2014 Alabama Senate District 23 race features a candidate with eight terms of experience against an inexperienced challenger with distinct goals.

When Democrats controlled the Alabama Legislature, incumbent Hank Sanders was one of the more powerful lawmakers in the state, with the GOP holding a supermajority and looking to gain on that majority this election cycle, those days are long gone.

Dallas County, and the rest of District 23, are not the same Black Belt of Hank Sanders’ first term. It has changed and the statewide political landscape has changed.

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Former Selma Chief of Police Robert Green has a breadth of experience in various law enforcement agencies, but little direct experience in the Alabama Legislature. Green would be an inexperienced Democrat in an overwhelmingly Republican state.

Dallas County needs a dynamic leader who can build coalitions and improve the overall condition of the Black Belt. It is our opinion that leader is not among the candidates running for this office.

The Times-Journal weighed pros and cons of each candidate. We think both are quality individuals, but choose not to endorse either.