Andre Robinson’s killers still on the run

Published 8:43 pm Wednesday, May 21, 2014

By Scottie Brown

The Selma Times-Journal


A month has passed since the April 22 shooting of Andre Robinson, and still there are no leads in the case.

Masked men wearing dark clothing shot Robinson in his backyard. After refusing treatment, Robinson was pronounced dead upon his arrival to Vaughn Regional Medical Center.

As of now, Lt. Curtis Muhannad said the Selma Police Department is containing its search to Selma.

“Right now we believe the suspects involved in Mr. Robinson’s death are residents of Selma,” Muhannad said. “But if we get information that will lead us outside of our police jurisdiction, then we will look at extending that search along with our other partners in law enforcement.”

With so much time having already passed, however, there is concern that the case may go cold.

“We are always worried about a case going cold,” Muhannad said. “The key is to try and follow all the leads we can that the community provides to the police department, to our secret witness line or other resources like crime stoppers.”

However, the police department is aware of any resignations citizens may have because no leads have been made in the case.

“Any time you have a horrendous act of violence to occur in a congested community, there’s always fear that without the apprehension of those involved in it that they may be able to commit other crimes of violence and crimes of this magnitude to other people in their community,” Muhannad said.

The police department still asks those who have information to come forward.

“We are looking for information and evidence that can lead to the arrest of the suspects involved in Mr. Robinson’s death,” Muhannad said.