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Integrity seeks to give iPad

Leaders at Integrity Worldwide International Christian Missions are busy selling raffle tickets for an iPad Air giveaway, which will help them bring water to a village in on the other side of the world.

Janet Atchison, board member with Integrity Worldwide, said the raffle is one of two fundraisers the organization holds each year to raise money to allow them to complete a water project in Lebbo, Kenya.

“This our second fundraiser, along with the 5k run we hold in the fall, and the proceeds go directly to the work in Africa,” Atchison said. “We are hoping that when we go there on our next trip in July, we can actually be there when they are digging this well, and that would be amazing.”

Atchison said the people of Leboo are in dire need of the fresh water.

“Water means life over there, and the people of Leboo, the village we are raising money to drill the well for, are having to walk 25 kilometers to another village for water right now,” Atchison said. “So this is just vital, it’s just vital for life.”

Integrity Worldwide co-founder Averee Hicks said the water project in Leboo is just the latest undertaking for the organization.

“Our goal is to build communities,” Hicks said. “We’ve done a lot of work in Meto, which is near Leboo. We’ve built a library and done microfinance, among other things, to better the community there.”

Having been to Africa multiple times to see the work done by Integrity Worldwide, Atchison said it is always a moving experience when the organization is able to bring a new well on line in the remote villages.