Smart911 rolls out in area

Published 6:19 pm Friday, April 25, 2014

A new online 911 service has arrived in Dallas County, and area first responders are confident it will assist them when they respond to emergencies.

The service, called Smart911, allows people to set up a free online account and provide pertinent information about themselves, their family and their businesses, which can only be accessed by 911 dispatchers after a 911 call is made from the registered number.

“It could be very helpful to all first responders; police, fire, EMS or whoever is responding,” Selma Fire Chief Michael Stokes said. “Sometimes when you have a call, you aren’t able to get certain information. But this system will allow the people at the 911 dispatch to see that information once you dial 911.”

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Residents are encouraged to set up the free online profiles at, and Tracy Williams, director of Dallas County E-911, said there is almost no limit to the amount of information people can add to their Smart911 profile.

“You can put anything from the medicine a specific person takes at that household to their medical conditions or the number of animals in the house and information about how to contact their vet,” Williams said. “And every six months, they will send you an email asking you to verify the information so that everything stays updated.”

Williams said people who register one or more phone numbers with the Smart911 system are invited to upload as much information about their home, business or automobile as well as they can.

Stokes said while there may be some who are nervous about giving up too much information, the site is secure and any information given will only help first responders.

“It’s only going to give us the data that you input,” Stokes said. “Somebody may not want to put some of their information there, and that’s fine. But it’s only as good as the information people put up there.”

Williams said since Dallas County is the first in the state to utilize the Smart911 program, his main focus is to spread the word about the benefits of signing up for Smart911.

“We are just bringing it up this month,” Williams said. “We are through testing and it is actually online now, and we are just trying to let as many people know as we can.”

For additional information, contact Williams at his office at 874-1212.