Good riddance to rain and winter weather

Published 11:25 pm Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Each day of my life, without fail, a bright, yellow orb peeked above the eastern horizon, signaling the start of a new day.

On may of these occasions, the weather is, without a doubt, disgusting. This winter was particularly strange, making the fact that warmer days are ahead even more exciting.

Let’s recap this past winter in Selma and look forward to an enjoyable summer.

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First, temperatures started dropping, as usual, but the winter weather in December wasn’t so bad. It was typical December weather for the south.

But then January began and the entire U.S. was introduced to the Polar Vortex — a variation in the Earth’s jet stream.

In mid January, hundreds of Selma residents and an even greater number of Alabamians were surprised when their pipes, which had previously frozen solid, thawed out. As a result, cracks in water pipes began spewing water.

For plumbers, it resulted in increased revenue, but also dozens of extra hours at work. For some Dallas County residents, the frozen pipes resulted in higher-than-normal water and repair bills.

Either way, the polar vortex resulted in weather in the low teens and left us all wondering if we were living on the North Pole.

Later in January, multiple frozen substances fell from the sky, canceled school and closed area businesses.

First, it was ice falling from the sky. Then it was snow.

Unfamiliar with the wintery precipitation, road conditions caused auto accidents. Though fortunately, none were fatal.

The winter storm was a rare experience. Some local residents even called it the worst they had seen.

Well into Spring and nearing the start of summer, the weather has warmed significantly since the snowy and cold days. Though, recently, the weather has remained equally puzzling, living up to the title of April showers. This month’s rain totals have already far exceeded the average precipitation amount.

Summer comes with problems too, especially in the South. Soon local weather complaints will shift from absurdly cold or rainy weather to sweltering heat — hot enough to fry an egg on a rock and humid enough to slice through air with a knife.

Each season is different, but I, for one, am excited to finally exit the season of strange and winter weather.

When the sun rises in the eastern sky, I hope to feel warmth instead of walking outside an immediately requiring a winter coat. Shorts and T-shirts are much preferred over pants and jackets.

Good riddance to rain and cold weather. Summer can’t get here soon enough.