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Ufomadu shares advice in next book

A Selma elected official is sharing advice in his latest book.

Selma City School Board member Dr. Udo Ufomadu released his latest book “The Ways of Valuable People” in November 2013. Ufomadu said he, like every other person, is responsible for passing on knowledge that will help others reach their full potential.

“I see people who can do better than their present situation asks for, and they are not doing anything by it,” Ufomadu said. “Sometimes it’s a lack of information, so when you share your information — some, not all — will get it and do better and some will not.”

Ufomadu, who discovered his love for writing books at 10-years-old, has a history with writing books.

In 2008, he released the book “Five Essential Habits: An Essential Habits Tool of Self-Betterment and World Improvement.”

In “The Ways of Valuable People,” Ufomadu tells readers to choose mentors wisely, conduct self-evaluations, to teach love as a subject and more. He said his life experiences help him establish kinds of suggestions he should make to the public.

He said he makes sure to apply the advice he gives in his books to his own life, so he can constantly improve who is as an educator, family member and person.

Ufomadu said the duties his job as a school board member, which requires him to help people, is part of his natural human characteristic.

“I am a product of two continents, so I’ve seen a lot of situations where I believe if people were handed down the information they could have done better,” Ufomadu said. “I enjoy bettering situations, and when I see people who are unhappy I try to make sure it gets better. “

Ufomadu’s books are available at any online bookstore.