With hundreds of thousands in oil lease funds, wise investments should be made

Published 9:06 pm Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On April 15, the City of Selma and Dallas County governments are going to get a big paycheck.

Every year, both entities get their portion of oil lease funds. The county usually spends it on roads, but occasionally uses it on other, large projects. The city divides it up to council members and they use it at their discretion. Some recent examples of purchases include gazebos and stop signs.

It’s impossible to criticize improving infrastructure. Resurfacing dozens of roads may be more difficult to notice than a brightly painted gazebo, but regardless, streets are a sound investment.

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Purchasing small things, like gazebos and stop signs are certainly useful and important to a degree, but wiser investments can be made.

One interesting proposal is yet to be approved. It would create an emergency infrastructure fund with oil lease money. Council President Corey Bowie wants to take a yearly portion of the oil lease funds and dedicate it to emergency collapses. Selma isn’t getting any younger, and setting up a sound foundation for the future is a smart idea.

Next time a large sewer line collapses, the council would have a way to pay for at least part of the repairs rather than delaying repairs or sifting through city documents to find money.