There’s plenty of dunking at the YMCA

Published 5:18 pm Thursday, March 27, 2014

By Ann Murray

Board meetings have always been a bit intimidating to me; big table, big room, important people.

My job is to have the agendas and minutes positioned at board members places at the table, lights on and everything in order.

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So last Thursday I was dressed in true business attire and ready for the YMCA monthly session. It was only my third such gathering since joining the staff at the YMCA and my respect for the process has not diminished.

As I waited for the board to arrive, Taylor McNeill, the front desk staff person asked me to go to the women’s locker room. The spring break volunteers showering at the YMCA were having trouble with turning on the showers. He thought it more appropriate for me to solve the problem. Right he was.

Twenty young women standing around partially dressed waiting for help. I walked right up to the culprit showerhead and turned the faucet full blast giving myself a good dowsing just in time for the board meeting.

So much for order and propriety.

But that’s not the only dunking go on at the Y.

The YMCA has been in the business of teaching children to swim for generations. In Selma, Pat Knight taught hundreds of children to swim including Joy and Kincey Green, Lee Tate and Frances Turner.

As for me, the memory of learning to swim is indelibly etched in my mind. Growing up in Chicago, my mother would put us on a bus in the dead of winter to ride some 30 minutes to the nearest YMCA because learning to swim was not an option in our family.

I stuck my face in the water, used the kickboard and learned strokes. Each skill moved me up the ranks from minnow, to fish, to shark, to porpoise. The classic YMCA approach.

Our first swim lesson session began last week. Session 2 starts on March 31. Beginners, intermediate and advanced group lessons will run throughout the season, with private and adult lessons rounding out the offering.

This week both pools are open extended hours for spring break.

The Aquatics Department welcomes our newest instructor, Chikita Irby. In April, AquaZumba begins. Not quite as gentle as our current water aerobics attended by faithful members and taught by Patti Debardeleben, Carrie Bender, Sherry Maluda, Kelly Sue Giampietro and Joy Thompson.

AquaZumba integrates the Zumba philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness.

As for a dunking of another sort, 3-on-3 basketball registration is open. For ages 6 to 16, call 874-9622 or stop by the front desk to sign up.

Player evaluation begins in mid-April. If your child is taking a breather from baseball, he can come sharpen his game skills.

Let me say it this way, anybody can get a good dunking at the YMCA Selma-Dallas County. Jump in, we are having a blast.