Dallas County Sheriff’s position deserves an increase in salary

Published 9:52 am Thursday, March 20, 2014

Regardless of who wins in the 2014 race, the Dallas County Sheriff’s position deserves a proposed $15,000 increase in salary.

The raise would come through a bill in the legislature. State Rep. Darrio Melton says he is nuetral on the decision. The County Commission is fully in favor of the raise.

Probate Judge Kim Ballard and others argued that the cause for the raise is a large coverage area and greater population in comparison to other, nearby counties.

Perhaps there would be more concern if the Dallas County Sheriff made more than other sheriffs and was requesting an additional raise, but the reality is that The Dallas County Sheriff is currently earning several thousand less than his counterparts.

He also oversees a larger jail and a larger department than other, nearby sheriffs.

In many other professions, a larger market and more responsibilities would certainly come with a greater salary.

Imagine the difference in salary between the president of a bank in Selma and the salary of a bank president in Atlanta.

The one living in Atlanta would likely service a greater population and have more employees and, in turn, earn more per year.

So, as the bill works its way through the legislature we urge our state legislators — Rep. Darrio Melton, D-Selma, and Sen. Hank Sanders to ensure that the head of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department receives a much deserved raise.