Commission votes to close County Road 291

Published 6:32 pm Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Dallas County Commission voted Monday to vacate a portion of County Road 291 north of Valley Grande.

The decision means the portion of road — west of Jones and just south of Paul Grist State Park — will be closed to public traffic.

Commissioner Roy Moore, who represents the area, said the vacation wouldn’t affect traffic flow.

“The county engineer and I have looked at it and it does not prohibit anybody from [accessing Dallas County 222],” Moore said. “It only cuts off a little area. There is still another way to [access Dallas County 222] right up the road.”

Local attorney Allen Reeves echoed Moore’s sentiments but said the road vacation was also requested to prevent illegal dumping.

“We have seen some people using it as a dumping ground,” Reeves said. “It would allow the property owner to cut that off and clean up some of the trash on his property.”

Moore made the initial motion to close the section of road. It passed unanimously.

In other news from the meeting:

  • The commission approved an initial payment for fees for a sewer project in the Delwood community.

The commission will pay approximately 15,000 to southeastern engineering firm Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood for design. The commission will also pay 9,600 for grant management.

The payments will come from an Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs grant.

  • The county also discussed a potential development that would be located on U.S. 80, near the county health department.

County Engineer Coosa Jones said a group from Huntsville called and asked if it was required to submit construction plans for its project. Jones said the group may be required to submit plans, dependent on covenants in the property’s deed.

The commission plans to schedule a meeting with local attorney John C. Calame, who was previously involved with the property to learn about potential restrictions.

Probate Judge Kim Ballard said the group hasn’t purchased the property on U.S. 80, but was simply inquiring about any potential restrictions and didn’t disclose what they were planning on building.

“We certainly wouldn’t want to stymy anything that would be beneficial to the city and county,” Ballard said.