Proposed property rezoning draws critics

Published 8:49 pm Monday, March 3, 2014

A Selma resident’s request to rezone property has prompted flyers from an unknown group looking to prevent it.

Selma’s Planning Board will hold a hearing Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at the Selma City Hall to discuss the rezoning of Selma resident’s Celia Alison property. The property is adjacent to the Selma City Marina and Houston Park, and the plan is to build apartments or condominiums.

An opposing group attached flyers to mailboxes in some areas of Selma Sunday showing their disapproval of the rezoning request.

“Please be present at the meeting to show support of your rejection of this rezoning, and please advise others who might want or need to be there also,” the flyer read. “It is important that we stop this for many of the reasons listed below and more. “

Among the list of eleven concerns, the anonymous writer said the property is in a flood zone and structures would have to be elevated 10 feet to meet flood requirements.

The flyer also mentioned many other safety issues the group predicted would arise with a rezoning for condominiums and apartments for that area.

Attempts to find the organizers of the group, or to determine how many areas the group placed flyers, were unsuccessful Monday.

The biggest concern was featured at the bottom in bold.

“Most of all, the city must protect the value of its 100 million dollar plus property and facilities in that area consisting with Marina Drive, Jones Creek Bridge, Marina, W.W. Treatment Plant, Water Tower, Farmer’s Market, Memorial Stadium, Bloch Park, walking track, two cemeteries, tennis court, Rowell Field, Gazebo, playground, Covered Bridge, skateboard course, Valley Creek Shore, Alabama River Shore and vast parking lots, so they can be used by everyone and not over used or abused by anyone.”

Messages left for Alison by the Times-Journal Monday were not returned. Also, many members of the planning board declined to comment about the hearing when reached by the Times-Journal.