Event will contribute to tax revenue

Published 10:15 pm Monday, February 24, 2014

Buzz is swirling around Meadowview Christian’s worship service with Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson.

We have written about the event several times, but around Selma, residents are beginning to express their excitement about a member of a nationally televised TV show coming to our city.

Many comment that the worship service will be a wholesome, family-oriented event, which is important and certainly true. But when we take a step back from the content of Robertson’s visit and focus on the larger picture, the service will draw thousands to our city and have a much larger affect than a spiritual awakening.

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Once the worship service ends and attendees begin filing out of Memorial Stadium, they will either head home, or to a hotel room for the night. As they leave, dinner is a possibility. Perhaps even a visit to some of Selma’s historic landmarks is on the agenda.

With so many coming to Selma, the event provides a huge opportunity for Selma to capitalize on tourism. Tax charged on various is funneled into various city and county government funds. More tourists, likely means more purchases and more tax revenue. In turn, tax revenue is spent on employee salaries, daily operation of local government and various projects.

The worship service this weekend is just the first in a series of events that will momentarily boost our cities population and contribute to our tax base. In following weekend, our city will host the Bridge Crossing Jubilee, Chili Cook-off and pilgrimage. Increases in nearly every sales tax category are expected.

With so many different events slated for the next few weeks it’s an exciting time to be a Selmian. Let’s put our best foot forward and attract tourists back for a second and third visit.