Family of Bridget Woods deserves justice

Published 6:30 pm Friday, February 21, 2014

Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to know that someone who murdered your family member has not been arrested, charged or punished more than two years after the crime was committed? Unfortunately for the family of Bridget Woods, who was shot and killed while sleeping at her home on Marie Foster Street Feb. 7, 2012, it is a reality.

I cannot even begin to imagine the anger, frustration, emotional pain and fear that Woods’ family and friends experience daily wondering if the person responsible for the murder of their loved one is walking the streets free. What is even more disheartening is that several people could have information that would lead to the shooter’s arrest, but they remain silent.

“That’s common in a lot of cases like this that people will have information and they don’t want to speak with the police,” Lt. Curtis Muhannad, with the Selma Police Department, said.

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Because of the lack of recent leads on the murder, police now consider it a cold case.

“It’s hard on the family to know that somebody out there knows something and they’re not saying it, because they are afraid,” Woods’ sister, Katrina Morgan, said.

Like other families dealing with a similar situation, the Woods family cannot properly grieve the loss of their loved one. They are left without closure since the person responsible for taking the life of a person known for lifting her family’s spirits has not been brought to justice.

“It would actually help my mom,” Morgan said. “My mom blames this on herself.”

Not only would speaking to the Selma Police Department about any information you may have concerning Woods’ murder help the family, but it would also protect others.

Whoever has committed this vicious crime might have intentions to harm other innocent people. If that happens, then more families will be left grieving their lost.

Those that choose not to speak up when they have vital information to a criminal case are partly responsible for the damage that secret has cost others. They hold the power to help reduce crime and put a grieving family at ease, and they choose to do the exact opposite by withholding important information.

If the tables were turned and your family was suffering, then you would want help. You would want someone to speak up.

Matter of fact, we should consider Woods as our family since she was a member of the Selma community.

Selma is our home, and we must do whatever it takes to shelter our Selma family and stand up for them when injustice has been done against them.

According to Morgan, the Woods was heavily known and loved around in the city.

While we cannot bring Woods back, someone Morgan said was the “life of the party,” we can help her family deal with this tragic incident by doing our part.

Muhannad said that many murder cases have gone cold for more than 20 years.

I certainly hope that it will not be the case for Woods’ murder case.

I want her family to get the peace they need to properly heal.

Please help that happen.

Anyone with information on the murder, please contact the Selma Police Department at 874-2125.