System should repair Knox school’s roof

Published 11:23 pm Friday, February 14, 2014

After learning of the poor building conditions at Knox Elementary School, I am happy to know that the Selma City School board is in the process of getting a better roof for local elementary school.

I was unaware of the leaking roof, until I heard Selma City School board member Dr. Udo Ufomadu described the scenery of the school he witnessed during a visit to Knox Elementary School. When the board made a unanimous vote to declare a state of emergency to fix the issue Thursday at the school board meeting, I felt at bit more at ease about it.

From the words that Ufomadu shared with all that attended last Tuesday’s work session, I can tell that the building’s roof condition is severe.

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I am glad that Selma City School board is taking action to ensure that this problem is solved, because the wait to address the roof issue says more than many may realize.

Ignoring or postponing a major trouble like a leaking roof that is meant to protect students from outside elements sends the message that the students are not worth the time, effort or money.

Children should not be forced to endure poor conditions, especially ones they cannot control.

Not only is seating next to a leaking roof uncomfortable, but also it is also distracting.

I would imagine that the sound of the heavy rainwater pelting the bottom of buckets placed around the classroom makes it difficult to focus on whatever lesson the teacher is presenting that day.

When students miss parts of entire lessons, they miss out on vital information that would greatly contribute to their educational growth.

We should eliminate any thing that prevents children from getting the best education possible while they attend our local public school.

While our high school graduation rates have improved as a state, we should always work to improve it. Circumstances like a poor learning environment can contribute to low graduation rates by making school a miserable place to be in.

Something as simple as a leaking roof goes against the school system’s daily duty to make school an enjoyable experience for students.

I am thankful that the Selma City school system is one step closer to providing a better education experience for Knox Elementary School students.

I hope that the board will not stop at Knox Elementary, but continue to address any poor building conditions they find in any of the schools in the Selma City System.