Warning: Today is Valentine’s

Published 10:40 pm Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have a lot of appreciation for the gallantry that surrounds Valentine’s Day.

The day requires a certain deft touch, for it is far too easy to look frazzled. It is far too easy to let the suddenness of the day get the better of you.

You see, Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, carries with it a weight that birthdays and even Christmas do not. It carries with it a sense of responsibility that can only be shared by a wedding anniversary or another tremendously important date in a relationship.

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But, the one thing Valentine’s Day does not come with, unfortunately, is a countdown.

You never see on the evening news, or on the front page of the newspaper, a graphic providing the crucial information on how many shopping days are left until Valentine’s Day.

There’s never that one day where you are almost called by nature to go shop for Valentine’s Day. In other words, Valentine’s Day does not come with its own Black Friday. And you won’t hear a retailer saying this Valentine’s Day shopping season is shorter than last year’s shopping season because Groundhog Day fell late this year.

As a man — and other guys will admit this openly, especially the married ones — we need all the help we can get.

We need the countdown, we need the build up and we need the constant reminders.

Leaving hints in the form of placing newspaper ads next to our wallet, or nudges in the form of “you know what would be nice” conversations, rarely do the job.

Over the past week, I have attended a marriage conference with my lovely wife and listened to sermon on adultery and lust. In short, it’s been a bang up week for the man side of the ledger. And now, I come to the point where I am completely and utterly unprepared for yet another Valentine’s Day.

It’s amazing how quick this day comes around each year.

But, as editor of the newspaper, I have a little bit of an advantage; an ace up my sleeve if you will. And, your holding it right now, in fact, you’re looking at it at this very moment.

You see, I have the opportunity to take to this space at the drop of the hat and let my wife — the lovely Stephanie Spivey Reeves — and tell her “I love you, honey.”

In that very moment, thousands of subscribers and readers around the Black Belt Region and thousands more online, received an inside look at my Valentine’s Day card; my gift to my wife.

In all seriousness, I have come to realize late in my life — thanks to far too many unsuccessful attempts — that Valentine’s Day is a special day. No doubt about it.

But, I do not need a day on a calendar to remind me how lucky I am, how blessed I am and to take the time to let Stephanie know that.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Guys, you have 364 shopping days left.