More than 40 events planned for 49th annual Jubilee weekend

Published 6:22 pm Monday, February 10, 2014

The anticipation of the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee Celebration intensifies as the nationally known series of events draws closer.

Scheduled for March, the annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee is held in Selma to commemorate “Bloody Sunday,” the voting rights movement, the march from Selma-to-Montgomery and the passing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. People from both inside and outside of the Selma area said they are looking forward to the huge celebration, which will begin March 6.

“It has been so liberating, because there were so many things I didn’t know,” National Voting Rights Museum & Institute consultant Latia Parker. “Once you pretty much learn your history, you learn a lot about why things are happening now. It’s been one of the greater experiences of my life.”

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The Jubilee includes more than 40 events meant to recognize the civil rights movement.

The celebration includes a Miss Jubilee Pageant on March 6, a “Stomp out to Vote” Step Show on March 7, a Bridge Crossing reenactment on Sunday, March 9 and much more. Merchandise, food vendors and entertainment are also involved in the event.

Latia, who said she promotes the event everywhere she goes, said people should learn their history to better appreciate their present and future.

“I think it’s important, because people should know about their history,” Latia said. “It’s very educational. You can get the opportunity to meet foot soldiers that were there. “

Rosella Parker of Ohio has been making annual trips to Selma since she first attended the Jubilee in 2010. Rosella said it’s the thought of the people who paved the way for her to be where she is today that convinces her to join in the celebration.

“It’s just the feeling of the people fought to have the rights that I have,” Rosella said. “It’s the least I can do.”

Rosella said she enjoys the different foods, new people, entertainment and overall fun atmosphere that come with attending the famous Jubilee.

“It’s an experience that everyone should have,” Latia said.