Alabama Power Company warns customers of scams

Published 9:16 pm Thursday, February 6, 2014

Two scams targeting Alabama Power customers have recently become commonplace throughout the state, and the company is doing all they can to alert those who may be targets of the criminal tactics.

A release from the company alerted customers to two separate scams they are in danger of falling prey to.

In the first scam, customers in online chat rooms encounter people posing as employees of companies or organizations that help pay bills for disadvantaged families. According to reports, the scammers have offered to help family and friends in need, but instead use the ploy to obtain personal information from their targets.

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In the second scam, the scammers have physically gone to the customers’ homes. Sometimes, they are dressed as members of the clergy, and have said they are there to assist people with their bills. They ask the customer for a “money pack” card, which is a disposable debit card that is untraceable.

The scammers have also been known to impersonate Alabama Power employees, offering to reduce the customer’s bill by conducting an energy audit.

Customers should be cautious to anyone offering to make any payments for a reduced amount, even if referred by a friend or relative.

If someone calls claiming to be with Alabama Power, politely hang up and call their toll-free customer service line at (800) 245-2244.