Orrville leaders need to work more closely with the sheriff’s department

Published 5:12 pm Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Residents of Orrville are scared, and sadly they are alone.

After a recent shooting at the town’s Dollar General, residents and community leaders are calling for increased security throughout the municipality.

Since the incident occurred, two trained security guards have stood guard outside the store at night to provide a more safe shopping experience for customers.

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Now, Orrville Mayor Louvenia Lumpkin wants to consider using a security firm to provide around-the-clock security for the entire town.

And while the security guards have been placed at Dollar General with the best intentions, extending their services to a town-wide project, is really something that falls under a different department’s responsibility.

Since Orrville does not have a police force of its own, relying on the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department for its protection, the town must find a way to work with the Sheriff’s Department to ensure the safe, secure feeling is something everyone in Orrville can enjoy, at all times.

Speaking with the Times-Journal Lumpkin said Dallas County Commissioner Larry Nickels would be in contact with Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard and Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman regarding the situation.

We hope the tragedy at Orrville’s Dollar General in January can be the catalyst for further action and cooperation between Orrville leadership and local law enforcement entities to make the area a safer place to live.