Orrville leaders examine security options

Published 8:02 pm Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ORRVILLE — Orrville town leaders are considering permanent in-town security following a shooting incident in mid-January at the town’s Dollar General.

During Monday’s council meeting, council members discussed plans to provide security in Orrville to monitor the area. Orrville Mayor Louivenia Lumpkin said the motion was in response to the shooting incident at Dollar General, where Dallas County resident Kevin Mclaughlin entered the store reportedly waving a pistol in the air and was later shot by Marlo Ellis, who law enforcement hailed as a hero.

“I do know we need some type of security,” Lumpkin said. “[The Orrville community] showed some concern. They still talk about it.”

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Since the incident, Orrville has been using two trained security guards from a security branch in Selma, along with the usual law enforcement outside of town limits to protect the area. The guards are stationed at the Orrville Dollar General, but serve the entire community.

Lumpkin said she and other town officials are looking to establish permanent security within town limits to protect the town long after temporary in-town security leave Feb. 14. She said is unsure of the just how much it would cost or how the town will fund it.

“I wish it was some type of grant the town could apply for. I don’t know,” Lumpkin said. “I just will have to continue to look for ways to fund that.”

She said the presence of security has made Dollar General customers, store employees and the general public feel safe despite the shooting incident.

“Not just the employees, but the customers also feel a little bit more safe and comfortable,” Lumpkin said. “With the customers, they feel more safe going to the store at night, because they know security is there.”

Lumpkin said District 4 County Commissioner Larry Nickels, who attended the meeting, would check with Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard and the Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman to see if they are willing to help.

Lumpkin said members also discussed efforts to restore the beer tax, update the town community center, establish a library and search for grants opportunities to fund reconstruction of town roads.