Selma City Council proposal to annex YMCA a good decision for Selma

Published 6:36 pm Monday, February 3, 2014

Perhaps it’s a surprise to some, but the YMCA of Selma-Dallas County sits just yards away from the city limits. Though it bears the city’s name, the YMCA is not within Selma, but it could be soon.

The Selma City Council is finishing up a few, last steps before officially annexing the YMCA into the city limits.

One obvious reason is the city shells out thousands of dollars each year to help fund the YMCA. The YMCA board also voted in favor of annexation, which is another compelling reason. Selma City Councilwoman Susan Keith said using the building as a voting location and meeting spot for her ward would also be a reason for annexation.

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Keith said another reason is city government could partner with the YMCA to make improvements to the facility.

But honestly, the reasoning behind the decision doesn’t make much difference. Whether the YMCA is in the city limits or mere yards away, Selma will continue to donate money to help the organization’s operation.

There is virtually no negative side to annexing the building’s footprint into the city limits. Annexation wouldn’t significantly affect the tax base for either Dallas County or the city. It also won’t affect travel times or attendance.

If anything, being annexed makes it easier for Selma city government to dedicate money to improving the quality of services at the YMCA, because it will be inside of the city limits.

And if the city wants to improve the health and wellness of its residents, then we’re all for it.