City, county and state employees should be applauded for battling snow storm

Published 3:12 pm Saturday, February 1, 2014

While the rest of us were racing for the warmth of our homes last week during the rare snowstorm, there were a dedicated few who instead rushed outdoors.

While the rest of us did our best to avoid driving on the roads, there were a dedicated few who instead took to the streets, chasing the ice and snow.

While the rest of us had the luxury of a few days off work or school, there were a dedicated few who instead worked around the clock.

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The staff and employees of our local municipalities, counties and the state of Alabama should be applauded for their amazing work in battling a such a rare weather event.

It seems like once every decade we are tested with a snowstorm of this magnitude or worse.

We’re all good in dealing with thunderstorms, tornadoes and even hurricanes. We’ve had more experience and we’re equipped to handle that.

But, when you bring along a storm that has rain, ice and snow, we find ourselves scrambling and fighting to deal with weather conditions we are not so familiar with.

In short, we just are not equipped to deal with this type of weather. Then again, what we are equipped with are people who take to the streets when no one else will. We are equipped with the spirit of ingenuity to find solutions to problems we often don’t face.

We are equipped with the work ethic to ensure our roads remain as safe as possible and with the enthusiasm to overcome any challenge.

It’s not feasible for our state, county or city to buy snowplows or tons of road salt. But, the investment that has been made is the investment in quality people, who share a common goal of protecting, serving and responding.

As we continue to thaw out from last week’s snowstorm, we need to take the time and thank those who worked when others wouldn’t or couldn’t.

Thank you for the work last week, and the work you do every “normal” day of the year.