County puts focus on road equipment

Published 5:20 pm Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Dallas County Commission is preparing to take out a $400,000 loan to help pay for four motor graders before auction.

Dallas County Probate Judge Kim Ballard said the loan is necessary because the commission needs titles for the four motor graders before selling them at auction. A motor grader is a long, flat blade that is typically used to flatten an area of land.

“We are taking it out as a short-term cash flow issue,” Ballard said. “You can’t put the motor graders up for auction without having a title.”

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After taking out the loan and paying off the motor graders, the equipment will be sold at an auction in March and four identical motor graders will be purchased. Dallas County Engineer Coosa Jones said the sale price for all four motor graders should equal the cost of the loan and perhaps exceed it.

Jones said the commission sells its motor graders routinely to keep its equipment under warranty and reduce repair costs.

“We like to keep a pretty new fleet,” Jones said. “By keeping the motor graders under warranty, we don’t have to worry about repair costs.”

The total cost of the new motor graders is approximately $860,000. The commission will also seek financing to pay for the new motor graders.

“We have had a lot of local bank interest,” Ballard said. “We would certainly rather one of our local banks get it and keep the money in this area.”