Residents gear up for rare snowy weather

Published 6:08 pm Monday, January 27, 2014

By Jay Sowers and Josh Bergeron

The Selma Times-Journal


Snowflakes are likely to fall from the sky over Dallas County Tuesday and that has grocery stores stocking shelves before the bread, eggs and milk start flying off the shelves in advance of the storm.

Preparations were underway Monday morning at Dave’s Market grocery in Valley Grande, and owner David Oliver said he had been keeping tracking of the rare winter system over the weekend and had ordered extra of items that tend to be popular during such weather events.

“We keep track of weather like this, and we order extra bread and milk and eggs if needed. This time we’ve ordered about 25 percent more of each of those,” Oliver said. “And we might add one or two people to the early shift Tuesday, depending on if the weather changes.”

With the snowflakes expected to start falling Tuesday afternoon, Oliver said the busiest period for his employees will likely be earlier that day.

“Early Tuesday will be the big rush,” Oliver said. “People will probably watch the news to be sure it’s actually going to happen.”

Selma resident Donna Edwards was filling her grocery cart Monday with everything she’d need to get through the storm, something she’s none to excited about.

“I’ve see snow here maybe two or three times since my kinds were little, and one of them is in his 40s,” Edwards said. “Once it starts snowing I’m going to stay inside. I want no part of it. I just hate to hear this stuff is coming because I am not a fan.”

Leigh Willis was shopping at the Selma Mall Monday, but said a stop at the grocery store would soon follow.

“Going to the store is actually next on the list of things to do,” Willis said. “We always go to the store when it’s supposed to snow, because we would rather not drive.”

Other Selma residents were excited about the potential to see snow.

Pat Sellers said she didn’t think snow would accumulate and stick, but was excited about the opportunity to see some rare, winter weather.

“I actually love cold weather,” Seller said. “I hope we get a few flurries, but I don’t know how much of it will actually stick.”

Dave’s Market employee Parker Duke said he was looking forward to the possibility of snow.

“I’d love to see snow,” Duke said. “It is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime thing around here. Whenever you see it, you’ve got to take advantage of it and go outside and build a snowman or something.”