Selma Good to help build wells in Kenya

Published 5:50 pm Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Selma business is offering a sweet deal to cookie lovers who enjoy delicious treat and the chance to help the less fortunate.

The local cookie business Selma Good Company is contributing to the nonprofit Christian organization Integrity Worldwide’s mission to build wells in Kenya that will provide clean drinking water for the people and livestock. Selma Good is providing financial support by donating $1 for her bag of G Momma cookie bag sold until Feb. 28. Another anonymous donor will match the $1 per bag.

“I went on a trip with them to Africa a year ago, and I really saw the impact that the first well that they did had in Meto and the town that they really done a lot with,” Selma Good owner Robert Armstrong said. “What integrity does is not like your normal ministry or nonprofit.”

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People in small Kenya villages, such as Lebo and Meto, have to walk more than 15 miles to get access to clean drinking water, often having to leave their children behind, according to the charity organization’s website. Donations would help fund a well closer to those small villages and others, which would make it easier for villagers to get water for themselves and the livestock they rely on for other resources.

“We were so excited, because it’s a Selma-based company that in a way is doing the same things, has the same heart for what we are doing,” Integrity Worldwide co-founder Averee Hicks said. “The Selma Good Company is all about doing good things.”

Hicks said she believes the tasty cookies that Selma Good sells and the good cause will motivate people to purchase cookies from now until Feb. 28.

“First of all, Selma Good has a fantastic product, and the cookies are great,” Hicks said. “And, on top of that, they get to help Selma by supporting a Selma-based business, but they get to help a village across the world too that doesn’t have the ability really to help themselves and to be sustainable at this point.”

Selma Good cookies are available at Mark’s Mart and Carters Book and Gifts.

For more information about Integrity Worldwide, visit or call 526-1239.