We must all do our part to battle crime

Published 5:08 pm Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Three weeks after Alexis Hunter was brutally murdered near Selma High School, we already have our first murder of 2014.

Orlando Robinson was allegedly robbed and killed by two men in their early 20s outside of Cheers Package Store. His murder may not reverberate through the community quite as much as Hunter’s but his death is no less tragic.

Robinson was walking out of the package store and entering his car when he was shot in the back. After being shot, he was robbed of $43. He died later at Vaughan Regional Medical Center.

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Is that how much a life is worth these days; $43? In the case of Alexis, was her life worth only the cell phone her suspected robbers and murderers wanted of her?

As we continue through 2014, it’s important that we all do our part to help curb violent crime in our community.

Obviously the first step is to avoid committing violent crime, but an even more important aspect is to help mentor the young members of the community.

Our children are still learning the ways of the world and can be taught important ethical values.

The “No More” campaign, started by Selma Mayor George Evans, is a good step, but only includes blue signs. Simply putting a sign in your yard won’t prevent the next murder in Dallas County.

Parents are sometimes scolded for not properly mentoring their children, but if a child is intentionally sneaking out at night, parents are helpless to what occurs afterward.

The reality is that crime will always be present, whether it’s a simple theft or domestic issue. We are humans and admittedly imperfect, but murders are an unnecessary casualty in our community and we can do something about that horrific problem by focusing on our youth.

If our city is truly embracing the “No More” movement, then each resident should do their small part.