The next generation holds the solution

Published 10:37 pm Saturday, January 4, 2014

You ever get the feeling you just might not be the right person for the job; that there’s another generation better suited to get the job done?

It’s natural and it wouldn’t be the first time a current generation has failed to get the job done, only to see the next generation not only solve the problem, but solve it quickly and then move on.

Such is the case with the current level of violence in Selma and Dallas County.

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We’re starting to get the feeling the solution does not lie with those in their 30s, 40s or older. We’re starting to get the feeling the solution to this problem lies with those who are currently in high school, in college or just beginning their adult lives.

You see, it is their generation who has seen the blood shed. It is their generation who has seen friends killed for no reason. It is their generation who faces the problem head on every day, and unfortunately, it is their generation who must find the solution.

While those much older currently hold key leadership positions, the decisions they make are not for them, they are for those who will have to take ownership of this city and county and carry it forward.

When 18-year-old Alexis Hunter was brutally murdered just days before Christmas, the feeling of shock, anger and heartbreak was palpable across the city. Not that any one murder is less tragic than another, but this one was different in that there was no reason, no cause other than to steal a cell phone.

Last week, the student body of Selma High School returned to classes after their Christmas break with one less classmate in attendance.

Alexis’ seat in her homeroom sat empty and the mementoes left at a makeshift memorial behind Selma High School — the site of her murder — continued to grow.

Those charged with her murder will face their day in court and may face justice.

But the conviction of Alexis’ murder or murders is not the solution that will end this senseless era of violence.

What will end this era is Alexis’ classmates and counterparts saying enough with the violence, enough with the tragedy and enough with the day-by-day assassination of their future.