Selma native making progress acting

Published 3:07 pm Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Selma native’s dream of acting transformed his hard life on the streets to a life among celebrities.

Timfreit Drane, a Selma native, who struggled with a drug addiction, suicidal thoughts and homelessness seven years ago, is set to appear in the popular television shows Fatal Attraction and Hardcore Pawn.

“Something told me that you belong in front of a camera since I was a little kid and to dream big,” Drane said. “Part of me believed it and part of me didn’t.”

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Drane said not knowing any actors from Selma made it difficult for him to believe he could accomplish such a great feat. After years of encouragement and taking some acting classes at the University of Tennessee, he was able to earn roles in movies and television shows including the movie “Lottery Ticket.”

Drane plays the lead detective in an upcoming Fatal Attraction series called “Hopkins Murder” in which an Alabama pastor has an affair with his stepdaughter and eventually kills her and her mother.

Drane is two semesters short of earning an engineering degree. In August, he will be attending graduate school to pursue his master’s degree in city planning.

Drane, who has 20 years of experience in community development and politics, said he wants to join his star power with his background in politics to create better opportunities for the younger generation.

“I want to combine those two experiences,” Drane said. “I want to eventually, whether it be long range or in Selma, help kids, especially in Selma, to live their dreams whether it be acting or whatever.“

He said its’ essential for people in Selma to see someone from their town be successful.

“You never give up on your dreams, but first you have to dream big,” Drane said. “One of the major pieces of my dream is the fact I was from Selma.”

He said Selma’s civil rights legacy helped to give him notoriety.

“Residents of Selma have to understand that and embrace that,” Drane said.

Drane said his mother, Adorrries Swain, has always been a big supporter throughout his journey to his dream career.

“My mama always told me, ‘Live your dream,’” Drane said. “Whenever I was down I would always call mama.”

Swain said she was always confident her son would reach his dreams.

“I’m excited about it and proud of him and wish him the best,” she said.

The Hardcore Pawn series airs Tuesday nights 9 p.m. on TruTV and the Fatal Attraction Hopkins Murder series featuring Drane will air in February.