It’s about time for last-minute shoppers

Published 10:03 pm Monday, December 23, 2013

It seems like no matter how much people try to avoid doing their Christmas shopping long before Christmas, there always seems to be those few items you forget or don’t get the chance to purchase until the last minute.

Several of the people walking the streets of downtown Selma Friday were those last-minute shoppers trying to fit in a few more items before the big holiday arrived.

“They are getting great gift items upfront and there are getting gift wrap,” Kent Jale, co-owner of Carter Drug Co., said when describing the most popular last-minute purchases in his store. “There are getting last-minute prescriptions too. People are getting ready to go out of town or whatever, and that’s what they need to kind of make it through the holidays.”

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Carter customer and Selma resident Phyllis Lackeos was out shopping for a gift for her 5-year-old granddaughter.

“I’m really looking for her,” Lackeos said as she eyed two stuffed horses that she was considering purchasing. “She’s the last one.”

Teja Schmitt, the owner of Teja’s said there are popular items people tend to buy for last-minute stocking stuffers.

Jale said that no matter what customers decide to purchase during there last-minute shopping trip, they would always get a special gift from his staff that can’t be wrapped.

“They are getting a smile too when they come in, and a ‘Merry Christmas,’” Jale said.