Quarterback Club keeps helping Selma’s youth

Published 6:52 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Selma Quarterback Club awarded four of Selma’s finest athletes $4,000 scholarships at Monday night’s final meeting, giving those student athletes a head start on their journey through college.

Morgan Academy’s Lauren Rutherford and Dallas County’s Surles, Justin Chandler and Benjamin York were all awarded scholarships Monday night and without a doubt the quarterback club could not have picked four better student athletes.

We admit that the county is loaded with tremendous students and there were likely other worthy candidates, but these four students seem destined for great things.

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All four were asked to give a speech and handled it with class, thanking the club for its choice and appreciating the help they were given.

But, most importantly, the quarterback club was once again able to help out our youth. The club often seems to be a forgotten staple of our community, bringing together people from all across the county for food and fun many Monday nights during the football season.

It’s the kind of club you don’t often see in a small town such as Selma, which is why more community members should join the club and support it. How many other clubs of this nature, or a town our size, are able to attract Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs or two Rivals.com’s writers Andrew Bone and Justin Hokanson?

The answer is not many.

The quarterback club has a lot to offer. Its “poor pickers” gives everybody a good laugh, especially when Alabama’s biggest fan, Norman Copeland, takes the stage to let everyone know who will be wearing the dreaded toilet seat this week.

The food provided during the meetings is always fantastic, whether it be steak, chicken or barbeque.

And the speakers — especially this year’s lineup — provide a behind the scenes view at lives in the SEC that most people never get to hear.

But, most importantly the club always gives back to the community by handing out four scholarships.

Next year when registration comes around, we urge more people to sign up to keep the Selma Quarterback Club’s strong membership going.

But, we also want to thank the club members for all of their hard work this season.

It’s going to be strange watching college football games over the next few weekends