Give the best gift possible this season

Published 10:20 pm Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Just imagine what would happen if each of us put our focus on shopping local businesses first.

Just imagine what kind of stores would spring up and flourish if we put forth our best effort in spending our money within our city, within our county.

As we approach the frenzied holiday shopping season, we once again take to this space and urge Selma and Dallas County residents to first look at home when taking a swing at your gift list.

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Everything on your list may not be available here, but we’re confident many of the items you and your loved ones are looking for this Christmas can be found within one of the many stores, boutiques and markets that are right here at home.

Many times before, we have talked about how important it is that residents shop locally. We have touted the impact shopping locally has on the local economy, how the taxes generate help support our first responders, pay for vital city and county services and support our local school systems.

Shopping locally also supports local business owners, many of whom we are best friends with, go to church with or stand with on the sidelines as our children compete together in youth sports.

Shopping at home also saves money as the gasoline needed to drive to Prattville, Birmingham and Montgomery doesn’t appear to be getting significantly less expensive.

For our community to thrive, we need a vibrant local economy. If there is any gift we can give this season, shopping at home might very well be the best gift we could possibly give.