For many, Dallas Avenue bridge project can’t end fast enough

Published 11:07 pm Saturday, October 26, 2013

Construction continues on the Valley Creek Bridge project on Dallas Avenue.  --Jay Sowers

Construction continues on the Valley Creek Bridge project on Dallas Avenue. –Jay Sowers

Three months into a 10-month bridge project on Dallas Avenue, slow-moving traffic remains the biggest headache for most in the area, while others are hurting even worse.

Sgt. Roy Nix, with the Selma Police Department’s traffic division, said the detour of traffic from Dallas Avenue has led to back-ups on Hooper drive and Cahaba Road.

“At certain times of the day, traffic does get pretty bad on Hooper Drive and Cahaba Drive, but right now, everyone is just dealing with it,” Nix said. “We’ve had a few accidents on Cahaba Road, luckily none of them have been real serious.”

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While the traffic snarls have left many people with headaches and high blood pressure, it has hurt others in worse ways.

Kay Traylor, owner of Frames ‘n Things, said her business has been struggling since the project began in July.

“It has had a major impact on us. Our through traffic has been completely cut off and you don’t have a reason to come by here unless you are coming to see me. And a lot of people are not doing it because of the traffic situation to get here,” Traylor said. “We are spending money on advertising and putting posts on our Facebook page to remind people we are here.”

Adding that Frames ‘n Things is the closest retailer to the construction site, Traylor said the financial reality she is dealing with is tough and the only silver lining seems to be the project’s completion.

“It has totally knocked us for a loop, and there is just no rabbit to pull out of the hat right now,” Traylor said.

The new bridge over Valley Creek is being constructed by Newell & Bush of Montgomery, which was awarded the project with a low bid of $2,153,245. At the time the project was started, the tentative completion date was May 2014.

Representatives for the Alabama Department of Transportation could not be reached for an update on the project’s progress.