Now is not the time to leave Craig

Published 8:26 am Friday, September 27, 2013

Repair costs may be great, but now is not the time for Pine Glen Ministries to leave Craig Field.

The residents of Craig Field could clearly use a little more Jesus in their life. This wasn’t the first time the ministry had been broken into. And it certainly isn’t the first problem at Craig Field.

Examples of the problems Craig Field residents face were aired during a community meeting earlier this month. Dallas County Commissioner Connel Towns said the meeting was designed to address complaints of gunshots and arsons.

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“There are three major things the community has problems with,” Towns said before the meeting. “People are just riding around, shooting in the air. People are setting fires to abandoned houses and there is some concern about getting the street repaired.”

An organization like Pine Glen Ministries may be the solution to some of those problems. Religion is the glue that holds many communities together.

Perhaps some would say the repair costs are too great for the ministry to stay in the Craig Field community, but the cowardly actions of the vandals are a perfect example of why the ministry should stay.

If Pine Glen Ministries leaves, vandalism will, at minimum, continue. If the ministry stays and makes a concerted effort to educate the community, perhaps vandalism incidents will become less frequent.

There are great people who live at Craig, and they want their community to be the best it came, crime free and safe for children to play and grow up. It is our hope Pine Glen will return to Craig and that other churches, other organizations will join them.