Program hopes to show gangs the way out of Selma

Published 4:19 pm Wednesday, September 4, 2013

There is a problem very few outside of law enforcement will talk about. It’s a problem many would wish just never be talked about and go away. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is not ignoring it, but rather taking it head one.
The problem we talk about it the issue of gangs — whether they are the franchises of national gangs, or street gangs — and the cancer they have become.
For years, the Selma Police Department, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies have put plenty of effort in trying to break apart these “organizations” and have had some success, but these tumors remain.
The Selma Police Department is working with area businesses to help fund a program that will hopefully treat this gang disease at the root, before it ever takes hold.
The G.R.E.A.T. Program is one that aims to educate our children in the schools about the dangers of gangs and the violence they bring to our community. It aims to ensure that our children are armed with information about gangs, how to avoid becoming involved in gangs and working with others to ensure gangs are ultimately eliminated from our community all together.
We cannot endorse this program enough and celebrate the efforts of Miller Funeral Service owner Randall Miller, who has taken the lead in helping the department raise the money to help this important program.
The money raised will go to the program’s curriculum, the training of officers and the redesigning of a confiscated car to be used when going to schools and other marketing and promotional efforts.
Unfortunately, the program, or the work on the vehicle, cannot begin until the funds are raised and that is where the community can step in, step up.
It is our hope Miller finds the support he and the department need to get this program funded, and funded quickly, to make sure we do not lose another child to the lies and illusions of gang life and ultimately lose one of our children to the reality of gang violence.
Selma does not need gangs. Selma does not want gangs and it’s time Selma showed gangs their time in Selma has come to an end.

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