Every little bit truly counts

Published 6:48 am Sunday, August 25, 2013

When it comes to the charities and non-profit organizations in Selma who serve the hungry, the homeless, the less fortunate, every little bit truly counts.

Very often — admittedly around the holidays — we take to this space to encourage those who can, to make much-needed contributions. We call on the community’s help for a number of organizations each year, but we often times fail to do it when the need is the furthest from our minds.

During the holiday seasons, it is easy to think of the Selma Area Food Bank and the Christian Outreach Alliance of Dallas County Food Pantry. During Christmas, it is easy to think of area children and urge support for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program.

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But, we fall short in calling for help for these and other organizations on the fourth week in August. We sometimes fall short in showcasing the hundreds of people helped on a random Thursday in June.

The need in our community is unfortunately very large, and it is growing larger and, it is there every day.

It is important to remember there are hundreds of area residents who rely on the Bosco Nutrition Center and the Edmundite Missions for what is very likely their only meal of the day.

It is important to remember there are hundreds of people who line up at the food pantry each Thursday to receive their food for the week.

And, there are so many more, helping so many others.

More than 100 churches call Selma home. Churches of every denomination and of every size. They are able do so much, but they cannot do it all.

Selma is home to a number of seasoned, viable and strong civic organizations, but their charitable efforts cannot cover all the need.

When it comes to these charitable organizations and helping those in need, every little bit does count and does help.

We encourage residents of every means to find a way to help in someway a local charity in the coming weeks; long before the holiday spirit forces the guilt to do something upon you.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and together we can make a difference in Selma.