School hires 7 new teachers

Published 10:07 pm Thursday, August 8, 2013

Meadowview Christian School will begin its new school year Monday with seven new faculty members and several new elective courses that administrators say will positively impact the school.

Renee Callen, new headmaster for the school, which houses pre-k through senior high school students, worked throughout the summer to assemble a faculty. Callen was hired in June and said she wanted to bring teachers who were both young and enthusiastic as well as teachers who are experienced and tenured.

“We have a wonderful blend of experienced, knowledgeable teachers and younger very enthusiastic teachers and they have just come together to make for an exciting year,” Callen said. “Some of them are returning from years in other careers and now bringing those careers into the classroom.”

She said the teachers are well-traveled and have a passion for passing on their knowledge to the students and feels the motivation to learn among the students the teachers will ignite, will in turn be contagious throughout the community.

“These teachers play musical instruments, dress up as characters in literature and it’s going to be returning to learning the way it should be,” Callen said.

In addition to the new teachers new elective courses include an arts and music appreciation class, creative writing, cultural geography and an ACT prep course.

New hires for the high school include math and technology instructor Janie Mothershed; English teachers Joanne Howorth and Von McQueen; Peggy Christian who will instruct family living and ACT prep electives; Sally Jordan will teach electives; Bible and physical education instructor Hunter Madden and one history teacher who cannot be disclosed presently. Four previous instructors will return to that department.

In the elementary department teachers Judy McInnis and Sarah Wright will be returning while three new hires — Gloria Chance, Leslie Smith, and Deavan Aultman — will join the team as well. Callen said Chance and Smith are bringing with them years of experience.

“Our Elementary students have excelled for many years on standard testing and in comparison with other local schools and we look to continue our strength there,” standing board president Steve Johnson said. “I am confident that Mrs. Callen’s organizational skills and leadership abilities combined with her educational experience and work ethic has MCS positioned for a great year.”

As for the facility, parents have volunteered this summer to paint the athletic facilities and concession stands as well as in the school. Both the elementary school and high school computer labs, Callen said, were re-worked and are now up and running. A former engineer will be over the labs and instruct the students on technology.