Man injured while riding bike through construction on Dallas Ave.

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Selma Police Department and Selma Fire Department responded to an incident Monday evening involving a male in his 50s who had suffered serious injuries after trying to ride his bicycle through a heavy construction area on Dallas Avenue near Valley Creek Bridge.

Selma Fire Chief Michael Stokes said his team assisted in the rescue, helping the man into a CARE Ambulance, which then took him to Vaughan Regional Medical Center. However, due to the severity of his injuries, the man was transported to a hospital in Montgomery for further treatment.

Lt. Johnny King, with the Selma Police Department, said the incident occurred around 7:30 p.m. Monday, and it is still unclear as to why the man decided to ride his bicycle through the high-risk area, which is clearly marked with caution signs.

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“All the signs were posted, so I’m assuming he saw them — he was just taking a chance probably,” King said. “I think he just thought he could get through there on his bicycle.”

There were no construction workers in the area at the time.

Stokes said the rescue wasn’t difficult, as the site has several temporary access roads built as part of the massive bridge replacement project.

“The only thing we focused on was getting the victim out from around the edge of the creek and back up into an ambulance so he could get medical attention,” Stokes said. “I don’t know how he ended up down near the creek in that location.”

And while both Stokes and King expressed their concern for the man, King said he believes the event to be an “isolated incident,” and doesn’t expect other residents to test their luck and walk — or ride their bicycle — through the construction area.

“I think he just thought he could get through there on his bicycle,” King said. “However, that wasn’t the case.”