Selma man found guilty of sexual abuse

Published 6:25 pm Monday, July 29, 2013

A man who was accused of sexually abusing several women in public places in Dallas County pled guilty to all counts in a circuit court case Monday.

The District Attorney’s office said Freddie McCampbell, a man who was accused of pulling up a woman’s dress at the post office on Franklin Street and another woman’s dress at Winn Dixie on Dallas Avenue, could face up to 20 years in prison for each alleged incident.

McCampbell was charged with two counts of sexual abuse in the first degree and Monday he pled guilty to both charges before Circuit Court Judge Jack Meigs. Meigs ordered a pre-sentence investigation and report and set a sentencing hearing for September.

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District Attorney Michael Jackson admitted Monday that, “This defendant is more creepy than Freddy Krueger.”

The case report released Monday said that McCampbell stalked a woman around the Selma Post Office on April 3. The victim stated that an unknown male touched her without her consent.

“She was walking out of the Selma Post Office when she felt something brush against her buttocks,” the report said. “[The victim] stated that a black male was standing there reaching under the rear of her dress … the subject then smiled at her and walked away.”

A male who witnessed the incident yelled to the suspect and asked what was wrong with him, but McCampbell did not reply and walked away.

When surveillance footage was shown on the news that week, several people came forward to alert police that they recognized the suspect at McCampbell.

Five weeks after the first incident, a woman came forward and reported she had a smiliar run-in with McCampbell at the Winn-Dixie on Dallas Avenue. This victim said she thought her children were brushing up against her legs, but when turned around a male subject was standing there.

“[The victim] stated the unknown male reached under her dress, rubbing her legs and when she turned around and told him to stop, he responded, ‘Do I know you’ reached under her dress again touching her on the her inner front thigh and walked away,” the report said.

The victim saw a report on the news about the earlier incident and alerted police in May that she believed it to be the same subject.