Marching band is worth supporting

Published 8:57 pm Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unlike most kids in high school, I spent my Friday nights huddled on the football stands surrounded by about 25 girls in the exact same costume as me. I can still feel the obnoxious fake eyelashes glued to my face and smell the hairspray, which of course had to be applied every fifteen minutes on the dot.

No, I wasn’t on dance line. I was part of something much, much cooler — I was on color guard (the girls who tossed large flags around the marching band during half time shows.)

Although being a member of color guard took a large chunk of time out of my already busy high school schedule, looking back, I’m glad I was a part of it. Some of my best memories from high school weren’t made at parties, but instead created on the band field, where I spent hours in the summer sun learning drills and flag tosses.

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Leaving school after dark on a weeknight wasn’t uncommon, as our practices often lasted past 8 p.m. during football season. Once home, I had no other choice but to immediately unzip my book bag and get started on homework or studying for a big test the next day.

Being a part of extracurricular activities like band and athletics is crucial in high school. Not only does it fill up a resume when applying for college, but it also keeps kids busy — and out of trouble.

Tuesday, I learned that the Selma High School Marching Band is in need of funds for uniforms and new instruments. Brandon Williams, band director, expressed that the band has been in need of these supplies for quite some time.

I encourage the community to support the Selma High band, as this is an organization that not only benefits the high school, but also benefits students by keeping them out of trouble and giving them something constructive to do in their spare time.

Friday nights at Memorial Stadium wouldn’t be the same without the sounds of trumpets, trombones and drums bursting from the stands. The marching band adds that something special to high school football games and without them, a large absence — and silence — would be felt.

After meeting several band members and doing countless stories on band competitions, I can testify that the Selma High School Marching Band is something worth supporting. Not only do these kids work hard, but they also deserve the proper equipment and uniforms to make them feel worthy.

Come September, I hope to see the Marching Saints march out in crisp, clean uniforms and donning shiny, new instruments.

And as for me — I think I’ve traded in my flag and fake eyelashes for a camera and notepad.