School board ignores another opportunity

Published 10:16 pm Monday, June 17, 2013

The Selma City School Board missed an opportunity Thursday evening; an opportunity to do the right thing.

For the first time since their debacle of a meeting in May, the board had the chance to bring back for a vote the proposed system-wide investigation, led by an independent investigator.

In May, the board voted down the idea. In June, they didn’t even discuss the idea.

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The school board members, all elected to their positions, practically ignored a petition by concerned citizens and parents, calling for an investigation of the system in light of a laundry list of problems, arrests, poor performances and black eyes.

Instead, the petition went ignored by those on the board. Shame on them.

In May, we called on the board members who voted against a system-wide independent investigation to write a column, explaining their positions since each issued a “no comment” when asked. That call went ignored, much in the way these members have ignored the very people who put them in office in the first place.

We’re starting to wonder just who these elected leaders answer to, because it surely isn’t the people paying their salaries or casting votes in their favor.