Selma Marina is a diamond in the rough

Published 4:56 pm Monday, May 27, 2013

We honestly do not realize our own potential. We honestly do not realize what we have at our fingertips.

For those who have not spent time at the Selma Marina the past few weekends are oblivious to the economic impact this one facility, this little inlet of water could potentially have — or rather is having — on Selma.

In recent weeks, state and national fishing tours have landed at the Selma Marina, bringing with them anglers from across Alabama, the Southeast and throughout the country.

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There have been boats registered in Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky and Georgia launched from the concrete slip. There have been fishermen from Mobile to Duncanville, Robertsdale to Huntsville fill up their tanks at local gas stations.

In short, the Selma Marina has become a major tourism magnet to our area.

But, have we reached our full potential when it comes to the Selma Marina? The answer is no.

Plenty of work remains to be done to make the Selma Marina a true gem from the diamond in the rough that it is now.

In the past year, a new restaurant has opened, The Sandbar, which has been a tremendous addition to the entire experience at the Marina.

But, the public restrooms are below par and a major push should be made to bring a much-needed fueling station to the Marina.

We know there are plenty of code and government hurdles that have to be jumped to expect the fuel station to become an immediate reality, but work must begin and begin soon.

An enhancement project on the restroom facilities is one that could begin — and be completed — much sooner.

This should be discussed by the Selma City Council and could be funded with remaining discretionary funds.

As much as has been done to make the Selma Marina what it is today, there is plenty on the to-do list and we are confident any investment made will offer significant returns.

For proof, all you have to do is spend an afternoon on the back of The Sandbar’s deck and watch just how busy the Selma Marina has become.