Valley Grande budget on pace

Published 9:59 pm Thursday, April 18, 2013

After doing their six-month budget review, the Valley Grande City Council found that the city is on track with it’s years spending. Six months into the year, Valley Grande has spent 47 percent of its $820,000 budget.

“We’re doing very well as a city,” Valley Grande Mayor Wayne Labbe said during the council’s regular meeting. “We’re in very sound financial state.”

At the beginning of the new council’s term, Labbe explained that he had an auditor review all past expenditures so the council could begin with a “clean bill of health.” This was performed simply as a precautionary measure, he said.

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“I chose to have it done right after we went into office to make sure that everything was in order so we wouldn’t have any surprises,” he said, adding that as mayor, an audit should be done once a year.

Labbe said the city currently has more revenue coming in than expenditures as of their six-month mark.

“We owe a little bit on our land, but other than that, we’re in pretty good financial standings,” he said. “Right now, we’re in the positive when it comes to revenue coming in.”

Labbe said he plans to donate more money to local schools and address the sewer systems before 2014. The rest of the year, he said, should run as smoothly as the first half.

“All we have to do is just keep watching those nickels and dimes,” he said.