City needs passionate, hard working tourism director

Published 5:44 pm Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tourism in Selma generates more money than any industry in the area — in fact it rakes in millions because the money turns over in a different way. When tourists bring their outside money into our gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etail stores, and other buinesses, that money stays here with our residents, it aids us more than if that money was generated from within.

It is a fact that Selma needs to continue to develop its tourism venues so that this industry can continue to grow.

It was announced recently that Selma and Dallas County tourism director, Jill Anderson, will be leaving us as her family relocates to Texas. We want to thank Anderson for her hard work and creativity she brought to her role as tourism director for the last several months.

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We appreciate everything she worked to do internally and all of the exposure she gave Selma within other tourism departments in the state and all across the south.

Officials with the Selma and Dallas County Chamber of Commerce have said Anderson exponentially moved Selma tourism forward and we wish her well in her move with her family.

But now our focus turns to what will happen next — our city and county are in need of a tourism director. We are in need of a director who has a passion for Selma and all of the history and culture that is locked inside, waiting to be shared with the world.

We are anxious to see who will take over this role next and assume all of these important responsibilities.

But we know one thing for certain, this person who will fill this role will be a vital part of our community and their strength and skills will be a gauge of where our city goes next — so no pressure.

We are confident the chamber will recruit and hire someone who fits this role and we look forward to seeing Selma’s tourism continue to grow and flourish.