Police stay diligent in finding suspects

Published 7:10 pm Saturday, April 6, 2013

While three suspects remain at large, one more suspect in the Hardie Avenue shootings has been arrested as Kenyada Dukes turned himself into authorities Thursday. We commend the Selma Police Department in carrying out a continuously thorough search for these suspects, who are considered dangerous.

We believe that if residents, paired with our hardworking police force, continue to search for these suspects, our homes and neighborhoods will become safer. Selma Chief of Police William T. Riley said individuals like these have no place walking our streets and posing danger to our community, and we agree with him.

These individuals need to be found before any more harm is done. We encourage residents both in Selma and surrounding counties to continue to keep an eye and ear out for these suspects — Lamarious Prince, Willie Earl Calhoun and Darryl DeWayne Johnson. With everyone’s help, we can make sure our community is safer by keeping dangerous individuals like these suspects off our streets.

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Also, we encourage the police department to continue practicing a touch, zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence such as the Hardie Avenue shootings.

As a city, we need to actively pursue lower crime rates, which can be achieved with everyone’s help. Behavior such as this should not be tolerated in Selma and Dallas County.