Spring forward set for Sunday

Published 10:50 pm Friday, March 8, 2013

While spring is the season synonymous with a time for growth, a time for planting and time to start over, many will not be feeling so “springy” come Sunday morning when they lose an hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time.

Sunday morning, or rather late Saturday night at 2 a.m., clocks will need to spring one hour forward.

Rev. Effel Williams of Tabernacle or Praise said he has not noticed a significant change in church attendance in years past when clocks move up an hour, but said maybe one or two will tell him they overslept.

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Williams said people should look at the time change as a, “help and not a hindrance, because on the front end we lose an hour but on the back end we really gain more time to do things in the day with more sunlight.”

And another pastor in town, Tom Mclemore of Houston Park Church of Christ, said he too has not seen a big upset in church attendance because of the time change in his 13 years as pastor there.

“Most of our members are older adults,” Mclemore said.  “I reckon they are pretty well disciplined and I really haven’t noticed people — maybe there have been one or two over the years would be late or early at the time of change — but I can’t remember a large number of people coming in late.”

Despite those that will still have difficulty getting to their destination on Sunday morning because of lack of sleep, the Selma Fire Department said there is one thing you should not be late doing — changing detector batteries and checking extinguishers.

Fire inspector and captain, Chris Graham, said he encourages all to check their smoke detectors and batteries with the time change.

“Its just an easy time to remember to change the batteries when the time changes twice a year,” Graham said.

He also said to check the gauge located on fire extinguishers in the home. If the needle on the gauge is in the green it can still be used, but if it is in the red it either needs to be recharged or replaced at a local builder’s supply store, Graham said.

Families are also encouraged to review their family fire safety plan and establish a meeting place in the front of the home, like a mailbox, if there were to be an emergency.