Selmians urged to be ‘sweet’

Published 8:41 pm Friday, March 1, 2013

Those who graduated from one of the first integrated classes at Selma High School and A.G. Parrish High School, will most likely tell you the same thing. They will tell you stories of how despite the civil rights movement in Selma was heated and culminated into a very broadcasted display of violence, that the integrated high school class — black and white — came together as one.

Such is the spirit of Selma and what we are proud of Selma for. We are proud that those graduates loved one another and still pridefully speak about coming from that integrated class to this day.

Wherever those graduates have gone in the world, or all around the United States, they spread the good news about how Selma was ahead of the curve in fighting for civil rights and coming together in school.

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It is our hope that when the visitors of Selma this weekend leave our Queen City, they leave with the same good news to share. We hope they will boast about an amazing experience and not stop tweeting and updating their Facebooks about how wonderful and inspiring it was to be in the hometown of the civil rights movement, where we have overcome and moved beyond darkened days of oppression as an example to the world.

Show grace, show southern sweetness and offer your politeness to our guests.

Happy Jubilee y’all.