It is never too early to begin future plans

Published 9:49 pm Thursday, February 21, 2013

While in high school, I definitely was not one of those students who knew exactly where they wanted to attend college.

To me, where I would spend my next four years was a huge question mark. I had no idea what school would be the best fit for me; let alone what I wanted to major in.

And although my future was anything but certain, I knew there were so many opportunities out there that I could take advantage of. I knew I wanted to pursue higher education and make a sturdy living for myself outside of my family.

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It is my hope that high school students in Selma have the same outlook. There are several outlets right here in Selma that offer students information on colleges throughout the state and nation.

For starters, Wallace Community College Selma offers several classes that high school students can take, which will earn them college credit. This is just one tool area high school students can use to get ahead.

Also, I know schools as early as middle school begin to discuss further education. For example, R.B. Hudson Middle School will be holding a Career Pathways Fair Friday from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This fair shows that it’s never too soon for students to begin thinking about their future.

Selma Youth Leadership also offers a terrific outlet for preparing students for their future. Through attending these classes, students will not only gain vital leadership skills, but this will also boost their confidence.

Also, I believe if we encourage students to think critically about their future, this will reduce bad behavior in the classroom. If we let children know that what they achieve in school directly affects their success in the future, they may be more willing to pay attention.

If we can get area students excited about their future and attending college, I think we could make a huge difference in the community.

Our schools and students are one of our biggest investments. If more students graduate and go on to pursue higher education, then that will just mean more educated and employable residents in Selma and Dallas County.

So, although area youth may still be uncertain about their future — a lot like I was — I still encourage them, and their parents, to begin collecting all those college brochures. The future will be here before you know it.